Our story

I know this story from other carnivals...

Entrudo was created in 2017, born of a family project, within the union and creativity, combined with the fact that we live in Felgueiras, Terra do Calçado.

Our first goal was to create a different collection and, because we love Carnival so much, we combine it with a Portuguese tradition that is so unique to us.

The designs are inspired by the Caretos and the Carnival of Trás-os-Montes because it is so rich in materials, colors, textures and sounds. All applications are made manually by us, using natural raffia, rattles, fringes, wool and lots of color.

The name of each model has as a reference, as a tribute, to a village or parish in Trás-os-Montes.

In 2019, and following the same line of the footwear, a cushions collection, handmade with the same materials, textures and applications, appeared, thus transposing our traditions to the decoration of our home. 

Tradition and know-how...

Our Entrudo designs are created, made and produced in Portugal.

To produce an Entrudo shoe, high quality materials are used; we work on the construction of the insoles to ensure maximum comfort; in the details we are rigorous; in addition, all our applications are made and placed manually. In a cushion high quality materials are used, as well; from the manual cut, passing to the rigor in the making, highlighting the details and our applications that are made and placed manually, with the love and the Portuguese know-how, which gives Entrudo a unique style.

We produce in small quantities and, whenever we can, use surplus materials in order to produce in the most sustainable way possible. We believe in everything we do, we put our traditions in each product and we combine color, textures, joy and celebration, so that each of us, with Entrudo, can experience Carnival all year long.